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"I offer a space to get curious, to observe and reflect, and gain the support and resources you need."
- Roxanna Farnsworth
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About Roxanna

My therapeutic passions align with my lived experiences and education around attachment, relationships, sex/sexuality, and grief. I know first hand that how our brains and bodies process the world affects how we explore and execute attachment. These experiences have led me to investigate the science behind regulation and co-regulation, which is learning that I’m keen to share with my clients. Individualism doesn’t offer everything we need and knowing ourselves thoroughly can help us build meaningful relationships that connect us to our community. I do this work because I enjoy hearing each person share their unique story, which highlights how they experience connection and growth.

I am a queer cisgender white non-monogamous parent settler. I acknowledge the privilege I have to be living and working on the unceded traditional territories of the Kwikwetlem, Musqueam, Squamish, Sto:lo and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations (Port Moody). I am committed to lifelong learning about the impact of systemic racism and oppression on individuals and groups, and in being an active participant for change. I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Seattle University (2007) with a minor in the psychology of human sexuality. I am a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers (#15229). I have been learning about gender and relationships (parenting, non-monogamy, etc.), and sexuality (kink, bdsm, 2SLGBTQIA+spectrum) since 2009. I’ve been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in private practice since 2016.

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Therapeutic Framework

The framework I bring to our therapeutic relationship will be informed by my own personal journeys of trauma, stigma, addiction, neuro-divergence, self-worth, and transformation. Exploring my labels, definitions, and roles encouraged me to embrace my whole self while cultivating authentic relationships.

Many people are discouraged from exploring themselves because this world seems so unwelcoming of difference… Why ask the question if it will lead you to feel like an outcast? The more I was able to articulate honestly what I wanted and needed, the more I was able to embrace my differences, love myself and find my people who help me feel a sense of belonging.

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Unconventional Relationships

I express my love of love by learning about different relationship configurations such as queerness, non-monogamy, relationship anarchy, and swinging. After reading, taking courses, and my own personal exploration, it’s clear to me that there is no one-size-fits-all-right-way to do relationships. Knowing how to navigate the options in ways that truly work for you and the people you connect with is what really matters.

Self awareness, authenticity and vulnerability are powerful tools for connecting with others, but knowing and articulating your needs and desires can be scary (as well as amazing and healing)!. This is nuanced work that will bring out the attachment wounds we experienced as a child and internalized normativity that we didn’t know existed. Leaning into what comes up, within the realistic limits of your personal capacity for relationships, will help you create boundaries that nourish your attachment to yourself and others. I’m here to support that process regardless of where you are at in the journey and what type of relationship structure you navigate.

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The transition to parenting can be an all consuming endeavour, filled with unattainable expectations. In a society that tells us non-stop what we should be doing, I want to help you quiet those voices so you can truly tune into your own. I enjoy supporting parents in finding ways to celebrate ourselves, while staying connected to our child(ren) and honouring our limited capacity. It can help to remember that parenting is not the one and only role someone plays in their life.

We, and our children, are complex social beings that do best when we are supported to connect with all aspects of ourselves. If it’s relevant to you, I’m also here to support the unique complications having unconventional relationships can bring up when you’re a parent.

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Everyone comes to the couch with different definitions about what pleasure, sex, kink, and BDSM are and are not. I value that the spectrum for health and normalcy is far more vast than we are told and will offer my acceptance, while inviting you to put down your shame and do the same for yourself.

I am curious about understanding all of who you are, which includes accepting you as a sexual being (yes this includes ace/asexuality). Definitions are so unique (based on your experiences) and can be a fascinating, important therapeutic tool. I won’t assume anything about you; I will invite you to share your truths, your understandings, and your definitions by consistently seeing you as the authority in your own life.

Starting with acceptance, I'll invite you to play with understanding yourself through the lens of exploring kink. It is one of my joys to use kink to break down shame, better understand your desires, and radically accept what brings you delight. My ongoing education and passion for Curative Kink has shown me the benefits when individuals and couples are supported to curate their own experiences with intention. Bring your questions and curiosity, and I will offer a safe space to put together experiences that will nourish and delight you.

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How I work

You are the expert on your experiences, desires, and needs. Through sharing your story, I hope to encourage a deeper understanding and attachment to yourself while we build connection. That connection will support the ability to nourish good-for-you boundaries. Through curiosity and collaboration, we’ll explore resources both within you and in your community.

We’ll draw on your existing strengths for where you're at right now, and support you in building your capacity for growth. I strive to create a safe space where you will feel heard, respected, and seen. You’ll learn quickly about me that I like to bring curiosity and play to the spaces I inhabit and I believe it’s an important part of healing — it doesn’t always have to be heavy. While your journey is unique to you, you’re so much less alone than you may realize.

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Roxanna Farnsworth

Registered Social Worker #15229
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